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Water Damage: The Plane and the Whale

Published by 911 Restoration Santa Cruz CA on July 21, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration

An Alaskan Sperm Whale is filing a petition on Change.org this week after narrowly escaping a collision with a pontoon plane. The pilot was on final approach to the secluded island of Angoon when the whale expunged its blowhole to reveal its location. As the spray hit the plane, the captain managed to delay the landing until he was away from the whale. It was all captured on video. The whale community has rallied together to move the landing area for Angoon depending on where the Whales are migrating. Unfortunately, since Sperm Whales are not proper U.S. citizens, it is unlikely this petition will gain much traction. The whale, who requested to remain anonymous, was quoted as saying “I just want to raise awareness on this issue. I believe we can compromise with the shore-dwellers to move their landing area. My ancestors have been swimming these parts for thousands of years. For me to almost lose my head here, it’s just not right.” Living on, or in, the water as the case may be is dangerous for everyone, but it certainly has its benefits. Shore-dwellers, must deal with floods and leaks more often than inland locales. If you need water damage restoration, as the seaplane surely does, contact professional water damage Santa Cruz experts because the after-effects of a DIY job can be devastating.

Why are Planes Landing in the Same Area where Whales Swim?

The Island of Angoon has no roads to connect to the outside world and relies on pontoon planes for travel and supplies. The Sperm Whale migrating pattern has shifted in recent years due to glaciers melting. The fact that they ended up in the same place at the same time is a bit serendipitous, yet necessary. While the planes could land virtually anywhere around the island, the size of Sperm Whale pods means that they were probably swarming the area at the time. In short, whether you fly above Alaska or swim underneath it, there is a slim chance of meeting another inhabitant head on simply because of the inhabitable areas. Luckily, in this incident, no person or creature was harmed.

What can I do to Make Sure I do not Run into Other Species?

While it is unlikely you will run into large sea creatures such as the politically-active whale, you may find yourself plagued by mold, which may be worse. Mold is a fungus that appears after rain or sewage enters your home, and it turns into an infestation fast. By taking preventative measures to keep water out of your house, you can avoid a run in with other species such as this. A professional water damage Santa Cruz company will offer a free inspection and inform you of any mold growing in your property. With the right insurance policy and the correct mold remediation team, you may even receive the fungus and water removal job for free or at least an affordable price. The simplest ways to keep water out of your home are cleaning your gutters and downspouts and installing a sewage back flow valve. Clogged downspouts are the prime culprit of roof leaks, and plumbing can always go awry, so these two steps save your property from excessive water damage.

Trust the professionals

If the pilot was not licensed or experienced, chances are, he would have landed on the whale. Luckily, the pilot knew what he was doing. The same goes for water damage Santa Cruz specialists. You want an experienced company that is licensed, insured, and bonded so that you know they can get the job done right the first time.  Whether your water damage comes from storms, plumbing, or a whale’s blowhole, it could cultivate mold, so be sure to contact a company that can cater to all disaster restoration services.

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