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Water Damage Capitola, CA

Water damage can strike anywhere, even in the most idyllic settings like Capitola, California. 911 Restoration Santa Cruz has been in business in Capitola for over 35 years, and throughout that time we have enjoyed the magnificent beachfront view of the ocean. Capitola was named one of Sunset Magazine’s best beach towns and our amazing coastline reminds us daily of the beauty of water, but it is also important to remember that water can be very destructive. Floods, heavy rain storms, a pipe burst, as well as many other invasive water emergencies can leave your home in shambles. Thankfully there is a solution to every water problem, and our water damage restoration company brings these water repair solutions to your home. Give us a call 24/7 and our professional water damage Capitola crew will respond within 45 minutes to save you from dangerous water damage without hurting your wallet!

Is Water Damage Dangerous?

If not dealt with in the proper manner, water damage can become very dangerous according to our water damage Capitola specialists due to mold growth and structural harm. On many occasions, victims will attempt self-cleanup and discover later that their household tools were not powerful enough to fully extract the water from their home. Many houses have fallen to the lingering effects of damage such as the growth of black mold and the collapse of the home’s internal structure. Some types of water problems like a toilet overflow can leave your home filled with harmful sewage. This sewage water can make it impossible to live in your property unless it is dealt with by a professional cleanup team. Our water removal experts are highly trained in the execution of water extractions and decontaminations. We are here so that you never have to deal with the dangers of water emergencies alone. Give our water damage Capitola team a call, we’re available 24/7 and can even show you how water damage can be prevented.

Can Water Damage Be Prevented?
There are a few measures you can take as a homeowner where water damage can be prevented, however our water damage Capitola experts point out that no one can be completely safe without our free inspection that finds all possible leak points. The easiest step is to check you gutters for leaks and make sure the downspouts are directing water away from your home. You can keep a sump pump on site. In the event of flooding, this machine will be pumping water out of the area to keep rising water minimal. Check your plumbing for leaks that could eventually become problematic, as any water escaping a pipe a sure sign of a future pipe burst. Lastly, you may want to invest in a sewage backflow valve. The valve drastically reduces the likelihood of sewage backing up into your home. Remember that you are not alone! We are licensed, insured, and bonded, professionals with the experience and professional knowledge needed to tackle any water damage emergency, as shown by our testimonials from satisfied customers. Call our water damage Capitola professionals for affordable disaster restoration services.

Will Restoration Services Be Affordable?
Our water damage Capitola staff always puts the customer first in everything we do and that is why we offer the cheapest rates you will find without sacrificing quality in order to make your restoration services affordable. Our company has invested in the latest drying technology which allows us to repair and restore damage in the most efficient manner possible. This saves us time and money and we pass those savings on to you. Not only is 911 Restoration the most affordable water damage company in California, but we are working with all insurance companies to guarantee your home is treated with the respect and care it deserves. Call 911 Restoration for same day service at an affordable price.

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