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Frequently Asked Questions about Mold

Published by 911 Restoration Santa Cruz CA on April 17, 2014 in category: Mold Inspection

Once mold starts to grow, it will continue to spread if it goes untreated. Mold is known to be able to stand harsh weather conditions. It will grow in places that are humid, warm, and damp. It does not matter what the weather conditions are like as long as it has a wet and dark place to grow in. When mold spreads, it can cause a musty smell throughout the home and can cause several health problems for the individuals around it.

What are the Different Types of Common Household Mold Found?

There are four types of mold that are commonly found inside and outside of homes. These are known as Cladosporium, Alternaria, Aspergillus, and Penicillum. Aspergillus is the only one of these that is actually toxic, but they can all cause allergy-like symptoms. These molds appear in a number of colors: black, purple, green, white, orange and yellow. The color of the mold does not necessarily tell you what type it is, as there is generally variation.

What is the Most Dangerous Type of Mold Found in Homes?

Aspergillus is the most dangerous type of mold. This mold is toxic and is known more commonly as “black mold.” It is best to ensure this type of mold is removed immediately by a professional mold remediation company. Keep people and pets away from the infested area. Don’t touch this mold or be around it until it has been removed completely to ensure your safety.

What are the Health Risks that Individuals May Face Due to Mold?

Those that have allergy problems will suffer more when mold is present. They may suffer from watery eyes, itchy eyes, nasal congestion, and other respiratory problems. Those that have asthma will find that it is harder to breathe when mold is around and has spread in large amounts. When mold is present, it is essential to remove small children or pets from the home until the mold is completely removed. This will ensure that they will not have to suffer. The toxic molds that are present can cause death to some individuals depending on how long and how much of the mold they are breathing in on a daily basis.

I Found Mold in My Home, What Should I Do?

As soon as you find mold or smell a mildew odor that might be mold, you will need to contact a mold removal company immediately to get the matter resolved. A professional will be able to treat the mold and advise the type of mold that was present in the home. As soon as the mold is clean and removed, it will prevent it from spreading in other areas. Mold should not be tested by the homeowners and should be removed by a professional to ensure the proper types of chemicals were used. Any dark or moist areas of the home should be inspected periodically to ensure that mold is not present, and a mold inspection after you have sustained any flooding or water damage is definitely a good idea.

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