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Mold Remediation Santa Cruz: The Bottom Side of Rubber Ducky

Published by SEO on August 21, 2014 in category: Mold Inspection

The Tall Ship Festival in Los Angeles has set sail today, led by the world’s largest rubber duck. The Tall Ship Festival is an annual, five-day event takes place just off shore of Los Angeles where residents can watch cannon battles and sail toward adventure on many of the Schooners. Rubber Ducky was chosen as the festivals flag ship this year. It has made appearances around the world accompanied by a smaller, baby rubber duck boat to guide it. The Duck is a creation of Florentijn Hofman, a Dutch artist. The one thing that Hofman may not have calculated into his vision is mold. Whether it’s a personal rubber duck in the bathtub, or a 60-foot tall rubber duck in the Pacific Ocean, mold loves the wet surface. If you find mold on your beloved bath toys, call a professional mold remediation Santa Cruz company for mold decontamination because a fungus infestation can spread quickly and their free inspection will be able to detect mold spores no matter where they end up.

How Can My Rubber Ducky Have Mold?

Mold thrives in a humid environment, and nowhere is more humid than your bathroom after a hot bath. As your rubber ducky splashes around, it accumulates moisture as well. When you leave the room, shut off the lights, and drain the tub, you leave the duck wet. If mold loves one thing more than dampness, it is darkness. Leaving your wet, cold rubber duck in the humid, dark bathroom is an invitation for fungus. Once the mold spores take hold, they send their spawn to cover the rest of your restroom. On top of that, the spores attack your respiratory system. If you suspect mold on your rubber ducky, you will need professional mold remediation Santa Cruz services to ensure your home is free from health risks associated with the fungus. Once your bathroom is secure, you can get back to your fun weekend at the Tall Ship Festival and

How Can I See the World’s Tallest Rubber Ducky?

If you want to see Florentjin Hofman’s Rubber Ducky, which measures about 6 stories in height, go to the Tall Ship Festival in Los Angeles. Tickets sell for anywhere between $4 and $85 depending on what your preferences are. Parking is extra. The $4 tickets get you into the event so that you can see the rubber duck and ship battles. $85 tickets put you in the middle of the action aboard the boats during cannon battles and sword fights. Go to the Tall Ship Festival this weekend to see Rubber Ducky, and remind Hofman to call mold remediation professionals when he takes his master piece out of the water to avoid any fungus infestation on his marvelous artwork.

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