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The Doo Doos and Don’ts of Raw Sewage Safety

Published by 911 Restoration Santa Cruz CA on May 9, 2014 in category: Sewage Backup Cleanup

In today’s world, modern homes and businesses have an excellent water system. This system not only brings fresh water into the buildings but disposes of waste safely and efficiently through a sewage system. The waster that leaves the premises is known as raw sewage. This raw sewage not only has pathogenic organisms that can cause diseases, but a bad odor as well for reasons that you, dear reader, can certainly deduce on your own.

What are the five categories of sewage water?

Sewage water is classified into five categories. They are domestic (sanitary), commercial, agricultural, industrial and surface runoff. Domestic sewage contains waste products from normal home use. These include things such as body wastes (feces, urine and so forth) as well as bath, laundry, cooking and other regular water system sewer disposal items. Commercial wastes come from community stores and businesses, agricultural from farms, and industrial from manufacturers. Surface runoff is caused by storms that pick up things such as gases, highway spills and other materials that leach into the soil.

What is the common cause of a household sewage backup?

Raw sewage backup is a common event in homes and businesses, and the most common cause is a blockage or break in the sewer line that removes waste from the property. If this happens in your home, it is vital to obtain assistance quickly to correct the problem and avoid the possibility of a potential disease. All raw sewage carries disease-transmitting organisms that can be dangerous for humans and pets. It contains health-harming microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, E coli, hepatitis A and cholera. Being exposed to these organisms can lead to Weil’s disease, asthma, kidney and liver damage, respiratory diseases, viruses, parasites and other serious health problems.

People who work in maintaining, inspection and repairing of sewers are constantly exposed and must wear protective gear to avoid coming in direct contact with raw sewage. Others who can risk raw sewage exposure are plumbers, some farm workers, drivers of sludge tanks and sewer plant workers.

Do you need professional help with a raw sewage backup?

Yes! If you should have a raw sewage backup, it is important that you contact a professional sewage backup cleanup company immediately. While waiting for them to arrive it is vital that you, your children and pets avoid any contact with the sewage. With a serious sewage overflow, it is important to place everything possible in an area that is high above the floor and have everyone leave the area.

Once the problem of the raw sewage overflow is corrected, it is important to remove and dispose of any floor covering and other contaminated items. Sometimes exposed clothing can be washed and drapes cleaned. However, the best thing to do is simply dispose of these items. Carpets should always be removed and thrown away as cleaning will not remove the underlying organisms. Raw sewage will also often cause damage to walls, which should be thoroughly cleaned to prevent black mold. Some degree of water damage restoration is generally necessary when a sewage backup occurs, including a thorough water extraction.

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